About Au Dental

Transforming Smiles Since 1999

Au Dental was founded in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur. After graduating from the prestigious National University of Singapore, Dr Au set his sights on creating a dental practice focused directly on the most important thing – his patients.

After years of hardwork, Au Dental has opened four branches to give you the ultimate flexibility when choosing your dentist.

The fourth location, the Puchong branch, was opened recently inside the Puchong IOI Shopping Center.

Tell Us Your Problem, We Suggest Solutions

We only use the best equipment tested and proven to provide better treatment and convenience for our patients.

We don’t sell you technology, we offer you custom solutions to whatever dental problem you’re experiencing, by whatever means necessary.

Au Dental’s team of dentists are highly capable diagnostic doctors who can pinpoint problems and provide the best solution on a patient by patient basis.

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Painless Made Possible

Above all, we want you to feel comfortable. And with innovations in modern dentistry, painless procedures are possible. Au Dental makes dentistry different, with a careful and comfortable approach wholly tailored to our patients.

Come see the difference in person. We’re here to enhance your quality of life by giving you the smile – and the confidence that you deserve.