Meet Your New Favorite Dentist

A smile is the only thing you can put on that never goes out of style. Dentists are champions of this smile, tasked to protect it by all means necessary. Their mission is essential for us to live happy and fulfilling lives.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll fall in love with every dentist visit, but we can ensure that you’re in the best hands possible – meet our team:



Dr. Rahail Sivalingam


Dr. Rahail graduated from Manipal University in India in 2010. Over the last 10 years, she’s become an accomplished dentist with a curiosity-fueling her extensive studies. 

She’s completed multiple courses in her pursuit of knowledge, including an implant mini-residency course from Smile USA and an orthodontic course from the Academy of Dental Sciences.

Additionally, she’s a mother and caretaker, making her a dynamic talent capable of soothing the most complex patients’ nerves.

Dr Rahail speaks English & Bahasa Melayu

Dr. Tan Chin Yap


A graduate from AIMST University, Dr. Tan Chin Yap is a highly-skilled dental professional. He’s attended multiple workshops to further his education and fulfill his interest in endodontics and aesthetic dentistry.

Outside of the practice, Dr. Tan is a rugged outdoorsman. Because of this, his nerves and determination are unparalleled, providing massive advantages in all aspects of dentistry.

He’s known by many for making complicated procedures comfortable and painless for all of his patients.

Dr Tan speaks English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese & Cantonese

Dr. Lim Mei Yee

BDS Malaya

A quick study, Dr. Lim graduated from the University of Malaya. Her accolades include a perfect 4.0 score in the matriculation program. Additionally, she’s an avid yoga practitioner, giving her a professional edge, especially in stressful situations.

She’s always looking to expand on her already extensive knowledge through workshops, courses, and self-care making her a dynamic talent. 

Her values of kindness and professionalism can be felt by every patient the moment you step into her office.

Dr Lim speaks English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese & Cantonese

Dr. Kong Yi Yong

BDS Malaya

Dr. Kong graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2012. 

His degree allowed him the honor to practice in government hospitals and private clinics. His expertise in diagnosing complex dental complications makes him a generational talent capable of providing the absolute best care.

He’s been building relationships with patients since 2016 with Au Dental.

Dr Kong speaks English, Bahasa Melayu & Chinese

Dr. Chong Choon Ping

DDS Taiwan

Dr. Chong graduated with DDS from Taipei Medical University. His experience in Taiwan and Malaysia gives him a fresh perspective when approaching any dental problem. 

His skillset in diagnostic investigation and modern endodontics, restorative, and surgery make him an irreplaceable asset to Au Dental.

Dr. Chong is also a capable conversationalist that strives to make his patients feel at home. He believes every visit is a new opportunity to go above and beyond. Therefore, his continued education in dentistry is essential not only for himself but for his patients’ best interests.

Dr Chong speaks English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese & Cantonese


Dr. Au Kim Tee

BDS Singapore

The founder of Au Dental and a master of his craft, he’s spent over 20 years dedicated to dentistry. Over time he’s perfected the art of painless practice and gentle treatment. 

His patient-first approach has helped him build four different clinics all across Malaysia. Dr. Au’s been serving his community for so long his patients’ kids have grown and are now getting check-ups on their own.

His team has grown into a diverse group of doctors who have every skillset under the sun, making sure that every visit to the dentist is comfortable, safe, and result-driven.

Dr Au speaks English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Cantonese, & Hakka 

The whole world has been waiting to see you smile

Whether you’ve been going to the dentist every six months or haven’t been in 15 years, Au Dental wants your stay to be comfortable and comprehensive. The whole world has been waiting to see your smile. Let’s show them the best version of you.